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SpilFSP - FS2004

If you use the FSPassengers with the FS2Crew or any other software where the voice of the FSPassengers flight attendants are overlapping, this software is for you. Just select your aircraft in Flight Simulator when active will silence the voice of the flight attendants. The SpilFSP also provides an increase in the amount of boarding/unboarding songs in FSPassengers, now you are not limited to just five songs and always in the same sequence. Read more and download here...

Flight Control

Flight control is a database in which virtual airlines can take a record of their flights and users. The Company can create three levels of users: Admin, Sub-Admin and viewer. The Admin user is generated in the company's inception. It can create and change flights and users. The Sub-Admin is created by Admin and can create and change flights, but no users, and the viewer that can be created by the Admin or Sub-Admin and can only see the existent flights. The flight control works in a simple and intuitive and can be created by companies with many or just a single pilot.

Create now your Company and your users here.